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Summer Holidays

During the 2020 summer holidays I made a lot of changes on this website, most of them in the last few days, so I wanna talk a little about everything.

The big ones first

Link to the post about Slugs Update.

I added slugs to posts, so now it’s possible to go to each posts using an easy to remember slug instead of having to remember what was the id of the post talking about we want, part of this update I also then added slugs to different things on the website (that were all added after), like categories, I’ll also add slugs to other stuff in the future.

I also changed the way I handled the different pages urls, now the last post is always at /latest instead of /post/latest, and even if non-admins can’t see it, there’s a lot of these that changed administration side too, making everything prettier in the url bar.

Link to the post about The Category Update.

Categories were planned since a really long time, but I first had to change the way I make pages to make it easier for them and for future updates (and it was a really good idea to first do this, now I really tell lol).

They also added Pagination (if there’s more than x elements on the page it’ll make a pagination).

Link to the post about New Domain.

The new domain was cool to get, I prefer it to

Link to the post about RSS Feed.

RSS Feed was added today, it can be seen on my Github and the Updates feed can be seen in my Discord server

It’s now possible to move between posts by using the arrows at the top, to go from current to next or previous, it’s a basic way of doing it but it works for now, I’m planning to change it really soon since it’s way easier (and simpler) with the new way I make pages (like said in Category Update).

The /latest url was part of the summer updates, I still haven’t used it for what I wanted to but it’ll come at some point.

A mega ultimate crap ton of small tweaks that I already forgot for most of them, they were annoying so I changed them and now they’re no longer annoying so I forgot lol.

Well I still have most of the stuff in What’s Left To Do but here’s what’s newly left to do

  1. A ton of so small changes I won’t even talk about them, small like changing the “This is the link to the last post on the blog” to “Latest Post”
  2. Make a great navigation system between posts
  3. Display the amount of posts in each categories at Category List, already added on each category page in the title
  4. Make a better text editor, Markdown is cool and I’ll keep it but I want to be able to use markdown in a well made editor, and maybe a switch between smartypants and markdown Idk
  5. Still delete a ton of CSS rules
  6. Move from to since I’m located in Europe
  7. Work on some cool RSS features
  8. Probably other stuff, my Todos on my note app are extremely long lol, I often add new ideas

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