Where are Wednesday posts?

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Wednesday posts removed


How can one be such a cruel being?

Don’t worry! They’re still here, in the Wednesday category post listing.

Why were they removed from the home page?

I used to update this website a lot, and after each update, I’d make a post explaining the changes. However, for some time now, I’ve lost interest into doing that, I still maintain the website and I still love doing it, but writing readable changelogs takes a lot of time, and there would be days when I’d do it 5 times because of how many changes I’d make to the website.
So anyway, since I’d publish a new Wednesday post every… well, Wednesday… (obviously), we got to the point where the main landing page of the website was way too confusing.
So they’re filtered out of the main page, unless you decide to filter, then they come back until you remove the filter.

How does it work

One of the reason I decided to hide them was that it could look somewhat bad to a potential employer. But there will be time when I’m not particularly interested in getting a job. So I made it easy to show them again if I ever wanted to.
It’s quite simple, I simply have a constant basically saying “is it activated or not”, and I just have to change a line in a file that’s on the host and restart the server, and they’ll be back.



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