The Category Update!!!

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Yes! Categories are made to be able to only show some posts in a category, for example all the updates related posts are in Updates Category.

Why was it so hard to make?

  • Well it was extremely simple actually, one of the easiest things I had to do for this website lately, what took all this time was actually finally working on changing most views (to make it really simple basically what handles the website mostly) from Function views to Class based views, what does that changes? well function views are old and making complex stuff with them gets hard really fast, while class based views are way more easy to use, just takes time to learn how to use them properly.
  • I had a lot of views… so updating them all took a whole day… but one of the advantage of class based views is that a lot of things I had to make myself with functions before are built-in, so some updates I wanted to make only took a ctrl+c ctrl+v from the official documentation and it was done 😂 I’m pretty happy with this.

More updates from this

  • One of these cool little features is that now list views only show 10 posts and have buttons at the bottom to navigate between the multiple pages, and all this is built-in… I literally had to do nothing, but it was something I wanted in the future, so I added it now already.
  • I also changed some admin stuff that you guys can’t see but that helps me a lot.
  • Last post is now /latest and no longer /last.

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