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Few updates

Design changes and fixes

  • A lot of tiny changes here and there.
  • Some things would appear an instant after the page has finished loading.
  • Some components were unified further to simplify the code and prevent future bugs.


  • Even though archives aren’t an important part of the website anymore, they’ve been rendered usable.

Database and Django updates

  • Upgraded to Django 4.2, and to follow this change, the switch from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8 was made.


  • Made a ton of code changes to make the website load faster, be more secure, and be more consistent in its design.
  • Removed some packages when they could be made from scratch, prevents having to rely on too much Third-Party code.

Final word

Overall, the website has been rendered more consistent in code and design, it’s been made faster to load, too. As a bonus, the code is smaller, more reliable, and the design is better.
I haven’t made update posts like that in a while, again because of the Professional Maturity, but that should hopefully be over soon.


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