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Three years of work on this website!

It’s the third anniversary of Khodok’s Blog, like last year, I decided to make a video showing the updates on files using the gource tool.

In total there’s been 44 + 179 + 1739 commits in three years not committing every day, so it’s more than one a day! (1.791780821917808 per day exactly!)

The first was Tuesday, 07 April 2020 and the last was Saturday, 01 April 2023, I left the day after for The Netherlands.


I’ve recently started learning React properly with the wonderful The Joy of React course by Josh W. Comeau. That’s not a promise to anyone (not even to myself), but I might start working on a React version of this website. At least a frontend using the same database as this one but with React being fed by the API. This would allow me to do stuff in a way that are very hard to make using Django, mostly because Django isn’t perfect in some ways – like asynchronous.


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