Slugs Update

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What are slugs?

Well slugs are “smart urls” basically, what they do is they replace the url using an id (like it did before, for example KBP #67 would (will actually but well) be this post) and instead use a beautifully displayed url that looks like this /post/the-title-of-the-post-with-spaces-replaced-with-hyphens-and-actually-no-the-word-as-the-first-word-if-done-with-slugify-a-plugin-automatically-creating-slugs-based-off-posts-title-you-can-also-notice-theres-no-special-characters-and-no-capitals

  • For this post it’ll be /post/slugs-update/
  • /post/last still exists and still goes to the last ID’d post (but to its slug)
  • You can still go to the ID of a post as said above
    This is mainly because it was easier for the next and previous buttons, might change in the future, Idk yet, I first added slugs to remove the “security risks” that IDs add but now I don’t really know if this website needs it as it’s small and never used and with nothing that has to be hidden on it really (well maybe like 10 email addresses and 3 of them are mines, and anyway it’s not with a post ID that someone will find them)

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