Posts are now better! (not fully done though)

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Post Contents are now better!

This post is outdated as of 2022-06-28

Now using linked images instead

Started as a problem, not it still is, but I have a workaround (that I might regret… but YOLO right (lmao))

What was the problem?

  • I couldn’t have images in posts, I had my post images that worked well and still do, but they weren’t enough.
  • I had the Markdown added images that never fully worked (they did before I switched to AWS to store images, but not anymore)

So what could I do to fix this? (the problem itself is kinda complicated to explain but basically it was due to security token refreshing every X time causing the url to not work anymore, which isn’t a problem as long as the url isn’t specified manually, which is the case in markdown added images sadly… so after one hour the image wouldn’t show anymore, I could have set the delay to something like 13 years (I think it was the max possible, maybe not Idk), but it wouldn’t have fixed the issue, just delayed it…)


Hey an Image in the middle of the post!

And that’s cool damn! this is the new thing btw, so now I’ll probably add images more often cuz it’s really cool ! I’ll finally be able to illustrate stuff without having to worry (I could already with my auto screenshot thingy on my pc but I couldn’t add images unless they were screenshots… which was kind of a sad thing Imo)

An image of the old site (Idk why I still had it lol)

This will be improved in the future btw, the alt text will be shown below the text and well yeah

Future for this since I’m talking about it

  • I currently have to use the Admin Dashboard to add text using these fancy new content things, cuz I can’t find how to make them work in a normal form that I usually use to add posts and edit them.
  • Not a big deal for now so I’ll try to add it asp but for now anyway I’ll still mostly use the old body types, because this one has a few downsides:
    • I can’t preview the markdown while editing it
    • I can’t show the read time
    • And it won’t show in feeds if I add them there (I actually don’t remember if the body is in the RSS feed but yeah…)

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