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Vanity URLs, bug fixes and Changelog related note

What’s new

Vanity URLs

  • Every post has a short vanity url linking to it.
  • The Vanity URL redirects automatically to the related post. It’s goal is to have a short, not necessary identifiable, variant linking to the same post.
  • It’s a random string that doesn’t have any logic to it.
  • The link is used liked the following example: (vanity url to this post).

What’s next

Vanity URLs

  • Find a short domain that could allow to do stuff like https://khod.ok/p/q0lveh3vj.

Bug fixes

  • A lot of small bug fixes have happened since I started Matura, I don’t really have time for other changes.
  • Everything from small code fixes to major security bugs.

End note

I’m trying to go back to properly talking about what’s happened in changelogs, even though I kinda stopped doing it since 95% of doing it that way meant repeating the same things.


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