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Auto TOC

Basically added Auto TOC, so yeah.

A Table of Content is great

This automatically shown TOC in every post is simply amazing.

Design inspiration

The designed is currently taken from Google’s About website, but will soon be changed to simply look like Material UI 3, which is what I’ll make the website look like in the future, I am taking my time, though.

I am adding a lot of headings just to show the TOC

It’s also badly integrated right now, kind of implemented it extremely quickly, so I wouldn’t put it off for years like I usually do.

It’s cool, isn’t it?

Plus, it doesn’t care if headings have a hierarchy, which I like for this.

Just to make an example of the previous statement, this heading is “under” its parent



Good afternoon.


It’s only visible on Mobile for now. Will be added to big screens later.


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