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About me and KhoBlog

My name is Julien, and I'm . I am a Computer Scientist in Switzerland. I hope to work as a Web Developer after getting a Bachelor's. This website was a second-year project. I officially graduated in July 2022.

I started developing this website during the first 2020 lockdown. We were supposed to have a Python module for a few weeks, and the teacher chose to let us do anything we wanted as long as it was with Python. Most of the class chose PyGame.

I wanted to make websites, so I decided to go for Django. Since I was the only one, the teacher asked me to show a form made with it. So I checked for a few tutorials online and found a lot of Blog ones, and I decided to go for that instead of a simple form…

After I was done with the basic blog, I still had a lot of ideas for stuff to add to it. I loved updating my newfound shitty blog (shitty at the time, got a little better since then, lol). So I decided to continue after the end of the module, and it's been now (since April 7, 2020). It has changed a lot, it's updated often, and I still enjoy working on it.

You can find the blog updates here and the GitHub Repo for the website here.


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