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Mosquitoes and Dubstep

Dubstep quote

What is going on exactly?

In EDM it’s common to have low-frequency vibrations, and for some reason mosquitoes actually like them and scientists are trying to use them to modify their behavior, or even control them.

Then why Dubstep?

Dubstep is a music genre that a lot of people despise because of its really hardcore side, thing is Dubstep can be really good if you know what you’re doing, and Skrillex does.
Years back he made Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, a song that has a lot of really low-frequency vibrations, it’s the song Scientists tried, and it worked.

What happened?

The mosquitoes stopped making babies and wouldn’t bite as often (both around 5 times less than mosquitoes in a no music environment), and when they bit someone, it was shorter.


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