Last Update done in Holidays (Category Update 4.0)

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Last update in holidays, in a few hours I’ll be in class

  • Categories will now show next to comments in the post list, it’s way better as it was making the title area huge and bad for responsiveness, I still have to make it so only some of them show and if there’s more it just says “More on post” or something like this.
  • Fixed a bug making the pipe not showing… was a problem in my templates.
  • I also added a basic Breadcrumb at the top of each pages, now instead of having to click on my logo to go to home page, just click Home, it’s currently pretty basic and I plan to make it a little better in the future (and make it actual good breadcrumbs lol), but for now it works, at least there’s home url (was always at the bottom anyway but I like having it on top as well)
  • I’m also working on a lot of changes that aren’t visually noticeable since they change nothing but make the code easier to read

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