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Tailwind, Projects, Working on a new design, and more

What’s being worked on

New design using Tailwind CSS

  • Been working on a new design using Tailwind CSS.
  • At the moment, you can only try this new design, but you need an account for that.
    • Go on your profile, then on the edit page, and there’s an “Experimental stuff” section where you can find the setting to try it at the bottom of the form.
    • Note that this design isn’t done at all, there’s a lot of broken elements, but it’s possible to go back to the normal design by going at the same place and unchecking the box.

What’s next for Tailwind design

Khodok’s Facts

  • Added them at the beginning of October, more can be read about them in this post.
  • I’m still updating them a little, made some changes and also merged the old Specific Time Messages System with them.

What’s next for Facts

  • At the moment I kind of merged the old specific time messages system in a way that generates quite a big loading time for the website, so I’ll have to make it more efficient, I know what causes this.

Side notes and stuff

Opportunity coming with the redesign

Been annoyed for a long time by something… my templates in my code aren’t really well organised.
Making this new design first led to having even more problems with this, but as of now, if I were to remove everything linked to the current design, I’d actually have a way simpler yet way better template organisation, so I’m glad.

More about this new design

It still needs an humongous amount of work, so I’m not planning on making it the main design anytime soon.
Then again, I’d really like it to have some feedbacks on it, so feel free to make an account and try it, if there’s any problem, just post a comment, or create an issue on the Blog’s repository.
Or well just HMU on Discord or whatever, just tell me.


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