Efficient Day Update

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Efficient Update


What’s new

  • Used Django Comments Contrib External App (that I didn’t know existed before lol) to easily add comments to Pages.
  • People with an account can now comment on a Page if the said page has comments enabled.

What’s next

  • Using the same comments system for other apps, and also for here, so all comments will be linked, it’ll be better.

Side Menus Groups

  • I made use of Side Menus Groups that I added a while ago but actually never finished, now it works, I can make groups of links and stuff.

Specific Time Messages

Well got the Idea because we’re May 4, and that means May the 4th be with you, so I first added a custom message manually because I just need to change one line in the Admin panel, but then I thought yeah but why not having it set forever?

  • So I did it and now there’s a few days throughout the years that’ll show a custom message, more will be added and maybe it’ll even be used for other things later.

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