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Big changes!

Hello, it’s time for an updated update post, I’ll talk about the most significant changes I’ve made to my blog recently.

The changes

New things!

  • Added the “Latest changes” button to the nav bar at the top.
    “Latest changes” lists the 7 most recent posts in the Updates category.
    When you click the link at the top, it opens a drawer that shows them. No redirection to a another page!
  • The design was updated a lot after the big redesign of a month ago.
    Things were made more round, so that the overall design of the website is a bit less formal, a bit more playful, while still being professional.
  • The accent colors changed!
    At first, Light mode had the basic “Indigo” palette you can find in Tailwind, and Dark Mode had a color called “Flamingo”, has the name indicates, it was red.
    Problem with red colors as an accent is that you can’t use them everywhere, for example, if a button says “Log in!”, you won’t make it red, because it’s not a “bad” or “dangerous” thing (like deleting something or reporting a comment).
    So my point was to find a purple ish color, and like a dum dum I decided to go for light red/pink… not thinking blue is way closer to purple. So now the color is called “Cornflower”, but it’s whole name is actually “Cornflower Blue”.
    So now both Dark and Light modes have Cornflower Blue as their accent color, and the said bad things are Flamingo! I could still use it for that after all 😉

A lot of code changes

  • Code was made cleaner and cleaner over time, there’s still a lot of job to do on that end, but it’s getting somewhere.
    I removed a LOT of unused code.

Fixes, so many fixes…

  • I fixed so many things I couldn’t even cite them all, so believe me, I did.

Page loading

  • It seems to be once again a bit slower than just after the big redesign, but I’m doing my absolute best to make sure I’m not making things worse.


The big redesign still requires a lot of work, I’m still trying to make it better.
This design will stay clean, so it requires more thinking than when I was just stuffing stuff everywhere, the old way used to take more time building, but the thinking part was very straighforward: Do the thing, try to include it somewhere, even if it doesn’t belong there.

That’s it, have a nice day! 😄


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