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The previous one had a few flaws

Why? like…

Okay so… the previous Menu system had a few problems, mainly on the coding sides of things. I couldn’t manage to add anything more to it, it was just too small. I was also forced to use an Adaptive system, I couldn’t go with Responsive, which basically means that things looked VERY different on mobile; some features would even disappear; making it just not good enough.
The fix? use a design that’s literally made to hold dozens of elements.

What’s new

  • The menu is very different.

What really changed

  • The mobile menu is at the left - instead of the right - of the page.
  • On mobile, the Khodok logo (Ruthinkk), is centered.
  • There’s now an emphasize on pages and posts maked as “Featured”.

What’s next

  • I still have some elements not showing in the current version, but they’re not as important.
    • They’ll be workd on soon.
  • A bit of code optimization is in order.

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