Tailwind Design "Done"

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Tailwind design done

Hello there, people!

For a few months, since October 12, 2021 to be exact, I’ve been working on a new design using Tailwind CSS.

I planned to release it for Khodok’s Blog’s second anniversary. Sadly, it wasn’t done. (It still isn’t, but bare with me).

Why release it unfinished?

For all these months, I had a switch in the settings that people with an account could use to try the Tailwind Design. And I always had it toggled on for my account, so I could try it more extensively, it’s easier to find tiny bugs when you use your own product while it’s being reworked on. Now I grew to like it a lot. But for a few weeks, I was starting to doubt a lot of what I changed, and I was thinking about nearly once again starting over. It wouldn’t have taken as much time since I had a global idea, but it would have taken too long anyway, and I don’t think that would actually have benefitted anything or anyone.

Now is it really unfinished?

No, not really, when I reworked everything using Bootstrap, then when I switched over to Bootstrap 5, I always released it when it was 95% done, I know there are still a lot of details, but they’re details, even if they lead to huge changes. Over the next few days, weeks and months, I’ll be working a little more on fixing the last few bugs and finally finishing the design.

Okay now the changelog

What’s new?

  • Nothing really (actually a lot, but well, so much it’d take too long to explain everything, it’s an overall redesign after all).
  • A dark mode!

What changed?

  • Kind of the same.

Details, please?

Alright… calm down, I’ll tell you

  • The previous design was clustered, and secondary stuff was way too visible, this one is the opposite, even important stuff is hidden, that’ll probably change, some things will become more visible in a near ish future.
  • Now the menu is everything, and there’s not 15 different menus, there’s one, with dropdowns, or “Flyouts” in Tailwind UI vocabulary.
    Talking about Tailwind UI, I used Tailwind UI for the new design, most of the elements are mostly unchanged, but they will get a bit of tweaking at some point, to make the site a bit more personal.
  • The new design is also more open, things are spaced more, and essential elements are more visible.

The site seems faster?

You have no idea how just having Tailwind instead of Bootstrap made everything 13 times faster to load. And that’s before the actual optimisation work that’s coming.

What still needs work?

  • A lot of elements require rework, mostly forms, and comments.
  • Post details still have a lot of issues.

Can I still use the Bootstrap theme?

No, fuck you.
More seriously, I thought about keeping it available for a while after the change, but it’s a pain to keep updated, so yeah, fuck you. Anyway, no one uses this site except me, LMAO.


Well, that was a journey, wasn’t it?
Hopefully the 5 guys who’ll be lucky enough to find my site will appreciate this design.

That’s it, see ya soon 😄


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