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A year of work on this website!

So conveniently… yesterday (the day before the one year milestone), I stumbled across This Video by Minecraft (800+ days of Minecraft in 8 minutes)
A video showing the changes made to their code base in a cool way using the gource tool. And I found it sooo cool on a kinda big-ish code base like Minecraft (and with lots of people working on it), so I wanted to see what it’d look like on mine.

I first tried to use it on the current Repository for KhoBlog, but then I thought… “I’m missing a lot of work here”, so I checked how Gource worked a little and found out I could use multiple Repositories! 😄

So I did! and then played a little with it to make it perfect, added captions and stuff, renamed all the “MEs” who worked on the project to the same name (it looked cool having multiple MEs but it was kinda confusing, funny when one would bump into another and make it fly into the distance, but still… confusing)

Note that some files stay here till the end even though they’ve been removed long ago, it’s because they weren’t actually removed, or actually they were, but before they were removed they were added to gitignore, so not tracked, and thus not tracked of being removed, it wasn’t really useful to remove them from the video cuz it would have been a pain and anyway they’re a proof that work has been done in a year, might seem like nothing, but trust me, this website has been worked on properly, or well, not very properly, just a lot 😂

It’s my baby and you can say whatever you want, I love it, it’s the thing that helped me learn basically everything I know about computer science and I’m proud to count it as my first middle size personal project, it’s slow, hosted on a good host but not very powerful server (that’s one reason why it’s slow lol), and it’s clearly not perfect at all, it’s flawed af, but who isn’t right ? and people still love you ❤️ (ok that was mean xD)

Anyway, Then I recorded it and it ended up looking like this: This is 365 days of commit, not everyday sadly, but still 365 days of commits, a few ones were removed because the files showed personal information that I couldn’t share (the reason why the first two repositories are private lol).

In total there’s been 44 + 168 + 386 commits in one year not committing everyday, so it’s still more than one per day! (1.638356164383562 per day exactly!)

The last month I’ve made at least one commit a day, so it looks kinda cool during the last few seconds.

Command used if you want it: gource combined.txt --title "Khodok's Blog Project Git graphical visualization" --key --caption-file caption-file.txt --caption-size 42 --user-image-dir img --hide progress,mouse --seconds-per-day 3 -f

So the first was Tuesday, 7 April 2020 and the last was Today, Wednesday (my dudes, coming tonight), 7 April 2021.


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Khodok Wednesday, 07 April 2021

Struggles to make this video

It's funny though... it took me a really long time to record this because I wanted a gif but then the gif was 560MB... so then I decided to record it as mp4.

Gource also has a funny thing that's if you launch a record then gource if you're focused on gource screen it shows just a text on the video... so I had to find a way to have everything visible from start to end, the solution was just alt-tabbing off of the gource page the second it started.

Then I had to edit out the few seconds showing me alt-tabbing cuz it was ugly, so I used Premier Pro... and then I exported, it was always ugly af, asp I even exported as uncompressed avi and the not fully exported video was 46GB :joy: :joy: so I decided to try something else and managed to get a decent MP4 that I uploaded on Khodok's Blog new official YouTube Channel !

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