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Begone .xyz! (I liked you though)

As of writing, is technically still my domain, and it (kinda lmao) redirects to here. In about a year though, I will stop owning my good old .xyz domain.


Read this: Goodbye


Two days ago, I bought domain. I’m still not used to it, but that’s because I’ve had for quite some time, I got it back on June 6 2019.
I had been thinking about switching to .com for a while, and I had a few reasons:

  • .xyz domains are often used for scams, making them feared by people who know their stuff.
    • .com domains have a way better SEO for exactly that.
  • .com is also more professional, and even though I’m not that much of a professional, this is still supposed to kind of be my portfolio.


The change doesn’t mean much for the readers, since I’m still the only dumbass using my own website 😂
But if for some reason you do have it in use anywhere (maybe your password manager or whatever), well just change it 😉

Ayo that’s everything.


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