Android App Update (soon available)

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Android App Update

I started making an app not long ago. It’ll only be available to Android (for now anyway). I did all the processes and stuff asked by Google and it should currently be reviewed, and apparently it takes around three days for an app to be reviewed, so unless it takes longer for some reason or if it’s rejected (which is possible), it should be available tomorrow, or maybe in two days (I don’t know if they also review apps during the weekend, so if it’s not out tomorrow, maybe it’ll only be accessible on Monday…)

First, point of the app, and other information

  • The point of the app is for me to learn Android Development, I want to become a web developer, yes, but extending my experience isn’t a bad idea anyway.
  • I also know that sometimes an app has an outstanding amount of advantages over a website, first of all: it can be offline (yes, even if the data come from an API that’s online, you can still save the data for the next time if the user is offline, it’s also technically for a website, but I haven’t seen any website use that as a feature, it’s mostly for very specific things, as the main use of a website is to be online first, nobody will try to make it fully cached so it’s working offline)
  • An app is also faster than a website, especially if the device is powerful, while my server isn’t that powerful, and as long as you don’t have to make requests, it should be faster (disclaimer, currently you CAN’T use it offline, it makes requests at each reloads and checks if the data has changed, in the future hopefully I’ll try to make it work offline, it just won’t update if there’s new data until you get internet access)
  • And well some others.
    This app will be made only for READING the website’s content, and well, more specifically, the blog part. It will at some point display the comments but you won’t be able to post anything on it, for that you’ll have to come here.
    • Why? well because even though it wouldn’t necessarily be that complicated to implement, it’d still be a lot of work making sure it can’t be used in a wrong way, and again, I’m a web dev, not an android one, so I don’t really want to try to make stuff that I barely understand and risk to break stuff that shouldn’t be broken)
  • You can find the changelogs for the android app here: /category/android-app-updates/
  • And the source code is here Khoding/khoBlogAndroid

What’s new in the app?

Yes because I started it a while ago.

  • Well now it’s made using MVVM Pattern (non devs, don’t even mind… I’m not even sure I understand), before it was using MVP (this one I understand a bit more, but still, I’m a web dev, so expect me to only update it once a month and mostly to fix bugs)
  • Markdown is now display, although it looks bad, at least the posts look a bit more readable than during the first version.

What’s planned next

  • Make it perfect lol.
  • Display the Markdown correctly.
  • Make settings.
  • Display comments.
  • Display users.
  • Make it available offline.
  • Delete everything and make it using React Native.

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