About the new design

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So yeah some stuff are still broken

  • About the same as yesterday, with a bit less stuff
  • There’s still work to do of course
  • I’ll do it I promise!

A weird bug

So I seem to get long loads with some CDNs, but Idrk if it’s only me or if it can happen to anyone, I also only get them every now and then, so yeah, hope it won’t happen to anyone

Some other stuff that need to be done

Continue working on the colors, the design overall and other stuff, it’ll all work out asp, designing isn’t the easiest part if you didn’t know :,D I just wanted to have it working fast to have replies about it (I’m no Reddit, I can’t tell people they can switch if they want because that’d be 3 person on one and 5 on the other, so not enough feedbacks lmao)

The important stuff works at least

  • You can again add comments easily just below
  • You know have buttons that only superuser had before (wasn’t meant to be the case but I just never did what had to be done even though I knew lol)

To everyone that once told me “The menu button comes above the content”

  • First of all, I knew, the button was supposed to disappear when one scrolled (which means it wasn’t above content, but for some odd reasons the JS function supposed to detect scroll wasn’t working AT ALL, and I literally tried everything, I had a lot of ideas what could cause that but none of them were the real reason, so asp I just removed the script and fuck it, it wasn’t that bad)
  • Second, there’s no menu drawers now, so no button for it ;)

Happy Now? xD


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