Why am I called Khodok?

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My username

Why the fuck would someone choose to be called Khodok???

So I just wanted to explain my username, mostly because I just added a feature called Khodok’s Facts to my website, but also because there’s actually a lot of reasoning behind this choice, so I thought it could be interesting to someone one day.

Khodok basically means “Walker” in Russian (spelled Ходок in Cyrillic). At the time of changing my username, I was a huge Alan Walker fan, and I’ve always loved Russia and especially the Russian language.

One thing was for sure: my new username had to be a Russian word, or at least be linked to Russia. So I tried translating random words from many of my favorite universes, games, etc. to Russian until I could find one that sounded good to me, and I also made sure it was available as a Minecraft username, as this was my favorite game at the time, for other things, I wasn’t really worried if it was taken or unavailable, I could always find a replacement.

After many tries, I found “Khodunki” when translating the word “Walker”, I kinda liked it and decided to ask a Russian native what he thought about it, he told me that “Khodunki” meant the thing designed to help a person to walk (an old person or a child for example), so it wasn’t really a good name lol. He also told me that “Khodok” meant someone walking, I liked it, so that’s what I went for.

I couldn’t say I’m half the Alan Walker fan I used to be, I still enjoy most of his songs, and for some reason he still manages to be my top artist in play count, but that’s another story. And although I may not be the “Walker” I used to be, I still like this username, so I’ll keep it until I decide it’s time for a change.


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