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So now… what’s REALLY left to do?

This post is outdated as of 2022-06-28

Every idea was either done either discontinued

This is also a try for really complex tabs trees, so it’ll be a bit confusing

Link to the post: What’s left to do (for now)

  • Forms not designed correctly (buttons, white backgrounds, etc)
  • Tweaks here and there to make everything a little better
  • Markdown not showing properly while editing, and some elements also don’t show correctly after publishing
  • Make a profile page where users can change their nicknames, password, email, profile pictures, etc
  • When logged in, if adding a comment, not asking for the name and take the user’s nickname
  • Add other ways to make accounts
  • Add push notifications
  • Make that everything is a page and be able to visit everything (even the blog) as a page
    Update: Not a great idea
  • Add all the pages missing from Khodok’s Website
  • Add more Markdown plugins, to also have LaTeX for example, or ABC or even Mermaid working, as well as presets like GFM and CommonMark
    Update: There’s a lot of plugins now, I just need to set them up correctly
  • Rework the CSS because there’s a lot of useless stuff in the rules
  • Remove W3.CSS and use my own CSS (Still keep the same design)
  • Use more JavaScript to make cool stuff
  • Get the VCS accessible on the website (may be doable with REST Python Framework, I must check)

Link to the post: What’s left to do (for now) 2.0

  • Even if it’s a little better, it’s still not perfect
  • The CSS file is WAY TOO BIG and messy (there’s tons of rules not applied because classes don’t match (Stackedit’s CSS, still thanks to the creator though)
  • Javascript broke on the main page for some reason… I can’t really tell why but only some scripts won’t be executed… (the auto title, the “don’t give a link to main page if you’re on main page” on the footer, but the rest works… (so it’s not an escape problem)
    I’m actually stupid as I was using document.getElementById(...) instead of document.getElementsByClassName(...) and a loop
  • And the rest from the first “What’s left to do (for now)”

What’s left to do (for now) 3.0

Now this is some Markdown… pfew

So I know most of 1.0 and 2.0 isn’t done but…

  • I added a lot of Markdown Extensions when I added Markdown, and I wanna use them more.
Details thingies
Nested Details


And it’s amazing (ngl), but I’d like it to look a bit like this:

Open and see the example

It’s how they show as Material MkDocs elements

So why do I want them to look like this?

  • First of all because it looks way better, so I don’t want it to be EXACTLY like the example, but kinda similar, also with some color codes depending on what the detail is about (if it’s Danger it’s red-ish, if it’s Success it’s green-ish, etc)
  • I also kinda like the idea of an icon that is also related to what the detail is about

I can also use them like they are now, yes… but…

  • The cool thing with this is that I can then make smaller posts, but if the user clicks on the detail button it gets bigger, so place is saved at first, so yes I can use it without the design (I will actually), but just this tiny arrow isn’t explicit enough imo.

😂 🦇 😭

Yes! Emojis, so there’s a ton of them already there (just need to know their names lol)

I also have the possibility to add my own, so I will
Probably Ruthinkk (the potato you can see on the top right corner of header as well as at some other places), and whathype (the pig-nose like thingy I’ve added a few times in latest posts, it’s my favorite emoji ever and I really want it to be on here, at the moment I just display it like any basic image when I want to use it, which isn’t as simple as :whathype: would be.

And Tabbed, but I think you’re getting what it is with this post 😂

This one doesn’t have a link, since it’s here

  • While making / editing a post, if I have to put a Tab (this is also a Markdown Extension btw), it adds one but it doesn’t automatically go to the new position, so I then have to navigate with keys.
  • Making it so the bottom render isn’t ugly as possible, yet it looks like this:
Click to show the render

Render while editing

  • Currently the images are stored on the server, which isn’t the worst way to do this, but which is also certainly not the best way either
  • The server on pythonanywhere.com isn’t huge, and I don’t soon won’t have enough space to store them all here
  • Using a service like AWS or something else would be better as it would also protect the images
  • I’ll work on the TaskList extension I added to then be able to just modify this post and check the finished stuff and also have a clear view of what’s left to do
    I know I can also do this with REST, so I might actually just try to use it instead
  • Make a way to pin messages to the top
  • Possibility to “Order By something” on the Post List
  • Add Post Descriptions and only show the description on the post list
  • Add post categories and be able to only show some categories
  • Export posts as .md, .txt. .png, .html, etc
  • Most of the ideas in this post are for the Blog part of the website (it’s mainly because it’s the biggest part of it)
  • I also have some ideas for the rest of the website, so some of them are already in the other tabs of this post, but I want the new ones to be separated
  • Add a way to add menu items more easily, at the moment I have to add them in the main code for them to show and not be replaced all the time, the “Coming Soon” for example is visible everywhere BUT in the Pages area, and if I want to change the name I’ll have to modify the code and push it on the website, which is kinda annoying
  • I’d like to have a special list of pages just made for my family (what to buy, everyone’s calendar, etc)
  • And I say this here even if it’s kind of personal because that’s an example of something I’d like, which is being able to show some parts of some posts only by people with a given permission, and being able to do it by adding some kind of markup that “hides” stuff to people visiting the website without having the right permissions, and not something too complicated I’d have to do in the admin part of the website
  • No, it doesn’t mean I’ll add premium subscriptions lmao
  • I actually just want to get pythonanywhere’s $5/M subscription to be able to have this website on my own domain
  • I want to add some scripts that would detect if I add stuff anywhere one the website, it’d do automatic stuff, for example, if I add anything close to “my own domain” somewhere on any post or pages, it’d generate a link to Khodok’s Website, typing a name of a known website would automatically link to it (Google for example), and the links would be different than other links, they’d be displayed just for it
  • I also saw some dude get the favicon of a website when we put a link to it and automatically show it in front of the link, so adding a link to a Github repo or user would add Github’s Octocat in front of the given link, with Google it’d add Google’s G and with Medium it’d give Medium’s M, Spotify would have it’s green circle with the volume bars and Logitech the logi logo, you get the idea… also internal link wouldn’t show anything, and external website without a favicon would only show the usual external url image (square with an arrow going outside of it)

I’ll do it later…


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