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What’s new

  • Just a page at /weblog/.
    Its purpose is simple: I’m trying the system Django made their own Blog app, it’s way more customizable and DRY than my stuff, and I kinda want to keep an easy way to check their good implementation of it, as well as trying it on different aspects.
    I believe that this way of doing it is the solution to most problems I have been facing for a while, a well implemented yet still extremely powerful customization system.
    Hopefully it should also make the website faster if I try to implement it for other things.

So I guess a lot of fidgeting will be done on the new Weblog page in the near future, it’ll have the same content as the Blog though (as its content comes from the Blog).

What’s next

  • Well read just above, it’s mostly explained in the What’s new section.

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