Waiting for my train until it's 07:29

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Hello There

About the comment update… Now comments are by default accepted since it should only be logged people having access. I trust y’all ok? 😂

My hands are cold… sad.

It is I… Hondo!
Hondo Ohnaka, Star Wars Rebels

So btw the website should become faster in the next few days, depends if I’m lazy, because I just learned something new 😄

This post will automatically be posted at 7:29, when my train leaves.

Yes, I am bored.

I soon have a physics test… can’t wait.

I will also migrate to Bootstrap 5, they just removed 25% of what I use, so it’ll be a pain in the ass, do you know what a pain in the ass is ?


PewDiePie’s “Bitch Lasagna” is playing in my ears.

Next it’ll be Congratulations.

Anyway bbl 👋


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