Updated to Django 4.0

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Updated the Framework

What changed?

  • Nothing from a user POV.
  • Nothing from a Dev POV.
  • But actually everything.

Some things changed, liar…

  • Yes, I’m redesigning everything using Tailwind, and I won’t need two of the things that prevented me from updating to Django 4, so I removed them.
  • The new design is still WIP, but it’s getting there, so I decided that until it’s done, those two things could go.
  • One of them was showing the link to the current page in menus as “active”.
  • And the other was just the version at the bottom of the page, it’s still there, like it was a few months ago, I had a link to the latest Commit on Github for a while, but I never actually liked it, and anyway the package wasn’t getting updates, so it was getting annoying.

The future?

  • I’m trying to release the new design on the Website’s second birthday (2022/04/07).
  • It will most likely not be entirely finished, but here are some things you can expect (if you don’t wanna try it via your account as explained in the post dedicated to it:
    • It won’t have several themes like now, even though it’s easier to do with Tailwind, I believe only having Dark and Light themes is cleaner. Although, I do not totally forget the idea, as I love having my dear old Shades of Purple, maybe I’ll rework on some new themes.
    • Page loading is faster.
    • Content is more readable, elements are further from each others, there’s more space.
    • Secondary and ternary elements aren’t displayed as important things like now.
    • Accessibility is greatly increased.
    • It forced me to rework the code, so the pages are faster for two reasons: code is better, more optimized, and there’s not as much heavy static stuff to load. Google is happy as fuck with the results 😂
    • And more!

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