Update of DOOM (jk the only new thing is that featured post got updated)

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Featured Post Update is Updated

This post is outdated as of 2022-06-28

Every idea was either done either discontinued

What’s new

  • Posts now have a Featured Title, I have to add a new one to every posts, but actually I don’t, I’ll do if I ever put an old post as Featured, like I did with the first post now.
    Featured Title are made to be longer, more explicit than normal ones, but they can also be shorter.
    If a post is Featured but has no Featured Title it’ll just show the normal Title
  • Featured Posts can now have two different states: Featured (basic), and Big, usually I’ll ONLY have one Big post (which is for now, 10:55 the 24th November 2020… Quotes), but technically it’s possible to have more than one Big Featured Post.
    • Featured Posts can be a lot more, technically there can be dozens, but it’d be pointless lol.
    • They’ll show as Featured posts, with their first Category shown above their title, below Big Featured Posts, and can be 2 next to another, for all details just click on Continue Reading.
      Their point is just to show Featured stuff, not to have more info on the post list
      Note that they are still on the Post List below, so are technically shown twice, this is likely to stay that way, I prefer that xD.

What Changed

  • I actually forgot
  • Jk lmao (how exceedingly droll)
  • The Posts are now shown a little bit more “bunky” (less space between some stuff, especially between dates, because I always hated those spaces).
  • Dates are now also darker
  • And last change on dates: they don’t have as much details as before.

What’s next

  • Dates will have a page (probably in the post Modale) with more details about them
  • And Voila, that’s about it about this update

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