This is Outstanding... I FINALLY managed to get Featured Categories to work! oh and Sub Categories

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Featured Categories and Sub Categories

What’s new

  • Well nothing very interesting if you take in consideration how many HOURS it took to make that work in a proper-ish way.
  • Basically a Featured Category isn’t like a Featured Post, it’s actually nothing alike, but basically a Post can have one (actually it can have 25 billion but don’t tell anyone) Featured Category, and it’s the one that’s showed on the Post Card, it’ll also have more uses later.
  • Oh and Sub Categories too.
    • Sub Categories are just because I noticed some posts were all in the same categories, and some things were updated often (comments for example lmao), so Comments related updates are filling up the Khodok’s Blog Update category and I thought it’d be cool to have a bit more power with categories.

What’s next

  • Always show Featured Category as the main one.
  • Make it a Property.
  • Populate the Sub Categories properly.
  • List Sub Categories on a Category Page.
  • Make it easily editable (currently only via Admin Panel, kinda annoying).

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