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What’s new

  • Themes.
  • If you have an account you can select a permanent (until you change it again of course) theme.
    Just go to Profile Page > Scroll to the bottom and click on Edit Profile.
    You can also use the Account drop down at the top of the website > Edit your Profile.
  • There’s 6 themes, only Default and Shades of Purple were worked on though, and they’re not even perfect.
  • A ton of new bugs were also added probably! lol.
  • If you like eye bleeding, I recommend Funny Banana, if you like sophisticated colors but still pretty cool, take SOP.

Credits for SOP go to Ahmad Awais who made this theme for VS Code and for other apps later, it’s my personal favorite and has been for over a year now.

What changed

  • Nothing.

What’s next

  • Make them all beautiful.
  • Make it so changing up top changes in the profile.
  • Make more themes.
  • Make a default Dark and default Light depending on computer favorite.

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