Some changes (some hopefully temporary), also used a tool to find more important bugs

Post #324 written by Khodok in Code Sanity and Optimization Updates


Optimization and loading

What changed

  • Removed the offcanvas on lists for now, as it is 21 quite big calls to different things making the website slow.
  • I’ll try to add it back using more conventional implementations (because right now I was literally just doing the same thing for all the elements of the page and that’s kinda bad).
  • Found a few design bugs and fixed them, none of them were particularly bad but still.
  • Started using to find potential problems in my code, and fixed all the easily fixable problems it caught, actually helped a lot.

What’s next

  • As I said above, I’ll add offcanvas menu back, or at least an equivalent, as it was kinda useful, maybe I’ll go back to having modals instead of offcanvas.
  • Use the Weblog system for these kind of things, as it has the advantage of being very modular and fast.

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