So this one is great... Comments just received their last (hopefully) HUGE rework, and other things

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A lot of very small changes and a VERY big one

Comments Updated once again

New comments are cooler!

What’s new

  • Likes, Flags, good replies, and other things!
  • Moderation as well (but I’m the only moderator! xD).
  • Maybe I’ll add commenting while being logged out back, I still have to think about this one.


Not the same I use in posts, it’s a simpler version only allowing specific things, like links, titles, and actually just basic Markdown, the most important for 90% of everyone who will ever post a comment on this website is that it allows for multiple lines, although you have to either add two spaces at the end of a line, or leave a space between two lines, I probably won’t change that… actually don’t listen to me because I’m already thinking about making it simpler lol.

  • If you want to learn how to use markdown check this: you’ll have all the information you need to use a little bit of styling in your comments.
  • For the funny ones: no, scripts won’t work 😄 (yes talking to you Nicolas, and to you as well Michel)

Temporary change

  • It’s no longer possible to update a comment, but I’ll try to add it back, it shouldn’t be hard I just have a problem with the new Comments Package I’m using, I already did a pull request on its Github repository to fix the bug but it hasn’t been accepted yet, hopefully it’ll get fixed soon, the second it is I’ll add updating of comments back.
    • The problem at the moment is basically that when you update a comment it tries to update a relation in the database… even if the relation doesn’t exist… and I could fix it myself but I’d rather wait, anyway I don’t think updating is very important as of now.

What’s next

  • Polishing everything, it was kinda rushed in terms of design especially.

Other changes

Let’s start with the bug fixes shall we?

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a VERY BIG and IMPORTANT security bug I hadn’t noticed, it wasn’t a problem for you guys but for me, some content were editable by anyone, thank God nobody noticed, it wasn’t the case for long but still.
  • A lot of very small changes that we actually don’t care about, but they happened.

A little bit of changes in the design

  • Nothing very important but some things were updated here and there, especially in the Profiles.

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