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Little story

I recently started tagging my commits because I’m considering going for a v1.0.0.0 of Khodok’s Blog. So I started giving version numbers to my commits a while back, but it took me a while before deciding to also tag them (tags allow me to go back to an old version that I know works as intended, but that’s just some management for a lot of very small and boring reasons, not the point of this post).

Anyhoo, here’s the cool thing

My first tag was on v0.6.1.2, and at that point, the first repository used for this website had 44 commits, the second one had 179 and the last one (the current one) 777… and the sum of these three numbers is 1000… it wasn’t on purpose…

Today, I was trying to find the 1000th commit in total, and noticed it was 1f6146b, which was tagged… v0.6.1.2. My first tag is the 1000th commit! 😀

I still made a tag going directly to the 1000th commit.


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