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Some tiny changes

I was thinking on how to import some content of Khodok that had totally different designs than the rest of the website.

So I thought about this: I’ll from now on display some of them as Blog Posts, that I’ll be updating every now and then.

Why am I doing this instead of trying to use KB’s Pages and adapt the design for them.

First of all I’d have to rethink the whole way KB’s Pages are processing data to display content, it already has a different way of doing it than the rest of the website, but that should change at some point, but even if it changes, it’ll still have to display differently than the Blog part, which means it won’t fix the problem then, so I can’t just wait to do this change and then add the pages having the current design issue.

I don’t think it’s a problem, because even if they won’t be exactly similar (which is weird on a website), it won’t be different on screen, but code side, yes, and that means it’s not a problem for users, nor one for devs (which means me at the moment lol), because the differences aren’t going to be design differences, but little differences to make both parts (Pages AND Blog) easier to understand on a code editor.

So which pages will first be affected?

For now I can only think about one that really has no other way of being done.


(I had the idea to make a whole Quotes app (What would the link be if I was going for this, it doesn’t exist yet tho) but it’s not that easy and I don’t think it would be that useful yet anyway.

Why though?

  • The design was different than the rest of the website
  • Most of it can be done with Markdown, so it won’t have the exact same design but it’ll be similar in the main aspects.

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