Read Time Update

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Read Time Update

What changed

  • You can now find each posts seen time in their modals on Post List.

What’s new

  • Posts now have a read time displayed just above dates.

It’s based on a really dark and obscure algorithms that some dude made in a python package that I didn’t check what was in so Idrk what he used, I guess the almighty “common word is 5 letters, common reading speed on screens is 180 WPM, and then with some logic you can guess the average reading time of something” trick, so everything EXCEPT a complex algorithm.

Future changes

  • I’m thinking about adding the possibility for users to add on their profile their reading speed, and that would then automatically calculate how long they would theoretically take to read a post, don’t count on it though.

Fun Fact

Songs Lyrics Post is 37 minutes long


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