Optimization (This is the 100th update post btw)

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Optimized requests

  • I made a change at the core of my website (basically added one python package and changed all the place where it was needed 😂)
  • Now what happens is that every relations between elements are done way faster, and it also removes a lot of unnecessary database calls, I’ve already noticed a big change, and I really hope it’s not only temporary


  • And this is what should make browsing the website better, I’ve enabled the default caching system of Django (can’t use the two infamous Memcached and Redis on my host yet, seems like both will be fully supported soon ish though, when it is, I’ll probably switch to Memcached, which will make shit go even faster)
  • Now a page is loaded only once, then not anymore for 5 minutes, on the whole website (this might change and be only activated on some big views and also on some parts of the website which are extremely heavy and take time to load like… the sidebar 😂)

Had to disable Caching cuz it was fucking everything, hope to get it back asap

Update : Should be fixed, I had my session middleware (the thing handling staying logged in and stuff like that) that was loaded at the wrong time.

Update 2 : Cache seems to be broken… the only way to make it work is to break something else, so for now it’ll be limited, it’s here, just not fully, and most stuff are slow af

Also there seems to be a problem with my host, the server has never been that slow… 6 seconds to load a page… I’ve seen it need 4 seconds one time when they were under a DDoS attack but it never reached 6 before… so we’ll see…

Update 3 : Ok Cache is indeed working… but the server is currently slow so we don’t see a huge difference. At least that’s a good thing


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