Little changes

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Three Small changes

  • The post descriptions no longer use Markdown, they’re now simple text fields, the change was made so embeds can be smaller by only showing the post descriptions without the markdown markup and because it wasn’t really useful anyway, because descriptions were first added to remove the issues with the post_list having different heights on tons of same elements sometimes leading into pressing a link making the content jump

  • Two buttons were added on posts: Previous and Next (right of the post number), they allow people to move between posts easily if they want to read them one by one
    one small issue with this at the moment, it allows anyone to go on all private and draft posts (not the problem because these also have the post number and the buttons, and they don’t show to normal users if not logged with an Admin account anyway), the problem is that currently deleted posts are removed from the database as well as their ID and it doesn’t update next posts, which means the id doesn’t exist but the post just makes a link to the next id and the previous id (doesn’t check if it actually exists), which means it can lead to nonexistent pages with no buttons, that you must leave manually
  • Post titles don’t show to non admin users going on a private or draft post anymore, it was a bug

  • Few other changes that aren’t really important


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