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Progressive Web App

This post is outdated as of 2022-06-28

This was removed temporarily because it was causing too much trouble that needed fixing

What’s a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A PWA is a website that can be installed on a device. It’s usually only used on mobile devices because having to deal with multiple code for one app on different platforms is a pain. It offers the developers the ability to have a single codepace that works perfectly on every devices, as a website for Desktops and seemingly as an application on mobile devices. Basically it removes everything related to the browser making the website appear like a normal app would on your phone.

Now what’s new

  • I just made the necessary work to allow this website to be installed as a PWA on any phone.
  • When you get on the website using your phone, you can now click the button that should have a name between those lines “Install on device”, “Add to homescreen”, something like that. Or you can click the closing button and maybe it’ll prompt you to it again someday, but you don’t have to do it.

Known bugs

  • It sometimes appears to bug during a page load, rendering the “Offline” page, it also does on the website itself, it seems to be rare.
    • I believe I know what causes the issue, so I will work on it this week.
  • It seems like there’s a caching bug, I’ll also try to fix it this week.

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