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Ideas for KhoBlog

This post is outdated as of 2022-07-05

All these were either finished or discontinued


  • Add an image to a post, the image is added on the side of the post when in details mode and is displayed as a parallax item while scrolling the post list, and if a post has no image it just varies in gray variants

Pages but new

  • New pages app that work differently (or if a box is checked it takes the code I give 100% and if not it takes just the content)

  • The point is to be able to add other stuff and mainly full apps (like React stuff)


  • Embed the desc only and remove markdown in descs

Next / Previous

  • On Posts add Next / Previous post button to switch fast

  • Also add all the links in the menu

  • (On the embeds add 2 buttons at the bottom, one for the next and one for the previous post)


  • See if we can do some components with it


  • Remove all useless elements
  • Remove W3.CSS


  • Make a field letting you chose which ranks / users / whatever can see this particular post

Kind of Post

  • Add more than just private posts, also hidden ones, interactive, etc


  • Change the list display type, make each post on lists a cool elevated card (already the case, but would be Materialized)
  • Would have 3 tabs taking the bottom of the card
    • One for “all post info” (dates, creator, id, etc)
    • One for Categories and Tags (when they’re added)
    • One for Comments (can change, most likely actually), maybe just read time, we’ll see
  • Top of the card would be Description and post image having some cool effects on background
  • Pressing a button would open it as a modal (and show its info on it, read more buttons everywhere)


Add clicked amount on posts

Has permission

Switch to has permission instead of has role 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮


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