Forms are changing and current page

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Forms and Current page


What’s new

  • Their design (it’s actually changed).

What’s next

  • Making them all look the same.
  • Match the design of the website with them (because they look good) TBD though.

Current page display

What’s new

  • Some pages (the ones that have a direct link somewhere) now have their link colored differently if you currently are on it.

What’s next

  • Maybe Breadcrumbs? (website getting bigger, getting necessary)

Bug fixes

  • The search bar wasn’t displayed on smol screens, it’s now at the top of the opening menu, like it was supposed to.

Geeky Stuff, check at your own risks

Backend stuff that are kinda cool

  • The Link app on my website (which handles this undernav image), now uses Content Types.
    Content Types are a thing in Django (and I guess in most ORMs) that basically let’s devs link data together dynamically (simplified af but you get the idea, I guess).
    It wasn’t the case before even though it was an obvious choice for good reasons: I didn’t know about Content Types and I didn’t know what I could use them for, but now I do 😄
    Meaning: I’ll start using Content Types more often at some places, one day I said I’d make all the side menus dynamic (not some dynamic and some hard coded because they led to different places based on who was logged in, etc), well this will greatly help me do it ! I still have to figure out a way to make it work without troubles but for most parts I guess I already have a few ideas how to do it.

  • So yeah, not very interesting for most of you, but for me it’s a big step, Content Types are actually a huge deal since they allow SO many things I wasn’t sure how to make before… It makes stuff harder to implement but easier to manager afterwards.


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