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There’s accounts!!! it took me way too long and around 15 different solutions to find the right one… the one that has Google connection with it…

It’s still not perfect.. but it’s secured… for now.. nobody will have access to this.. maybe later I’ll add more people to the ones with access to the db… but for now nobody can see anything but me :)

No need to make one.. it adds absolutely nothing yet.. it was just for my own satisfaction x) (later accounts will give access to private pages)


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    Khodok Thursday, 13 May 2021

    Months later

    Good news people ! actually (I didn't know at that point), but after this update, I actually had to start over, I could have added the old posts on the new website tho, but well...
    So just wanted to say, after this update due to how Django is made, the first migrations MUST be the modified user class, so yeah, the few times before I actually lost stuff, but after this update it wasn't really totally fully only my fault xD

    That's it

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