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Dynamic Embeds

  • An embed is basically a styled rich URL that looks great on most communication services
  • It basically gives the information given by the page itself when they’re dynamically created or general information about the company / website / service
  • For services like YouTube it can even display a small YouTube video that is playable directly on the service where the URL is shared, it allows the user to not have to open the website itself

Dynamic embeds for this website?

  • YES!
  • Now every blog post has it’s own display on Discord, it shows the Title which also is a clickable link to the post itself, and then the Markdown code of the post (so it has stuff like # in it, might be changed asp, but rn it’s too complicated
  • Point of this is so people can see what it’s about before clicking the link, it’s huge and not really useful but it looks good and I like it A LOT

Embed preview


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