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What are Posts Descriptions

  • Before this update, when I added a post, it was basically showing the whole content on the Post list… which had a few major issues
  1. It was taking a LOT of space
  2. Some links or buttons inside the Post list were making the content shift if pressed, because it’s not meant to be that big with buttons opening content tabs that are bigger than when it’s another tab
  3. It wasn’t even meant to be like that, before Markdown was added I had a system only showing the 200 first chars of the Post, but when Markdown was added it was breaking design if a markup wasn’t being closed because of content cutting (would have been fixable with a basic reset of the CSS just after the end of the content, but then it was still displaying some titles, elements, etc. completely cut between words, which was stupid)
  • So the point of Descriptions is to fix this problem, a description can have as much content as the main content of the post (the model is the same for both of them xD) and can even handle Markdown, so if I want to make a bit bigger description with a bit of styling, I can, I probably won’t because of reason 1 and 2 of adding Descriptions, but I can (at least a title for example)

Where are they displayed?

  • Only on the Post list, I don’t think it’s really useful to add them to the post description yet (maybe I’ll do it at some point)

Other information

  • Older posts were all updated with an appropriate Description
  • To see the true content of a post, you just have to click on its Title like before

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