Cool new stuff (Lots of small changes update)

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What’s new?


This emoji is called using a snippet, a “refs.txt” file is called using pymdown snippets and the file contains everything that is needed for it to work, for now I only use it for links, but I may make some huge snippets using this… and to be honest, this is life changing…

Sane headings

#omg why isn’t this a heading one?
Because saneheading extension finally fixes this, an heading will only be created if there’s a space between the name and the #

What changed?

Code Highlight

Now code Highlight looks better, it doesn’t have the weird borders it had before anymore, and the code box is resizable with the cursor (you can even make it bigger than your screen if that’s what you truly desire, but that’s not really useful, the point is just to be able to have full screen when before it was only max “post-container” size width.



(by the way no the line numbers aren’t select-able, and yes it’s on purpose because everyone hates when they copy code from a website and the line numbers come with it, meaning they have to remove them manually…)

Useless CSS

Some useless CSS was removed (doing it progressively)

What’s left to do?

Check Previous post (in French but will also be done in English in the future I hope), if you really wanna know what’s said use DeepL Translator)


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