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Color scheme

Color scheme is a developer thing, it means what’s the lowest rule to follow for the overall theme of the design, and it basically means: dark? or light?

What’s changed

Before, when I first reworked the design to make it with Tailwind, I used a plain “dark, light” switch, which works, until someone wants to go back to following their system default.
In design, if you make more than one theme for you app, you MUST allow the user to go back to their default. And my previous way of doing things allowed that… for someone who knew they had to remove something in their dev tools… (even I didn’t know that before, and I’m sure most web developers don’t either).
So I changed that! the new system is a total steal of Tailwind CSS documentation’s scheme switch (except their also changes the icon, but I was too lazy to figure that out, so deal with it).
- So to finally tell what’s changed… The color scheme switch now has three options, Light, Dark, and System default, which follows your OS default.


That’s about it, have a nice day 😄


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