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Today I worked on a little app for a project at school, and changed my mind on a subject

I kinda liked using W3.CSS since the start, it has its use, it’s kinda small, and dark by default lol.
Today I worked on a little project for tomorrow, and I used Bootstrap because I was asked to (or actually I wasn’t but I knew it was kinda wanted.

I used it and managed to make something decent pretty fast, and even though I always liked the struggle with designing something for hours with CSS, I like at least be able to make it easily then maybe change it my way using Atomic CSS, point is the hard and annoying part (designing while using a framework) is removed from the process.

I have to say I always hated Bootstrap (especially BS3), it was ugly, overkill for most of my use cases, and wasn’t really well done in my mind, but a few of these were changed in BS4, making it way more interesting

Why all this huge deal about this ?

Well I wanted to remove W3.CSS from my website, I probably will, but I’ll also add Bootstrap, I’m planning a huge redesign, and doing it with W3.CSS would be a pain in the ass, while Bootstrap was actually made for my new design idea 😂

do you know what a pain in the ass is ?


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