A few background changes, and a bug fix

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Hey handsome/pretty, been a while :D

I know I haven’t made any updates in a while, it’s because I lost my streak so I decided to take a break. This is most likely a break in the break, I’m not going for a streak again, not right now anyway.

To the important stuff now.

What changed

  • My host now supports Ubuntu 20.04 and Python 3.9, so I updated both. Everything should be working fine (I tried most things, and nothing seems to have broken), but if anything breaks just post a comment or hmu on my Discord Server, for which you can find the link in My links.

Bug fixes

  • In Search, when a result was a tag, it didn’t have a proper link to it, this is now fixed.


  • Since Python 3.9 is more performant than Python 3.8 and it’s the same between Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 16.04, the whole website should be slightly faster, but to be honest, don’t expect to see a change lol.

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